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How to Land a Job in One Day

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The job search process can seem like a grueling battle – an often frustrating cycle of filling out applications, revising your CV, writing cover or motivation letters and waiting for a response. Even if you’ve only been actively searching for a job for a few weeks, being in the job hunter mode can quickly get overwhelming.

What Employers Really Want to See in Your Job Application

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For the most part, recruiters and hiring managers internationally are looking for the same information from your job application. They want to see, especially when it comes to first-time job seekers and entry-level positions, that you’re ready and willing to work — and that you’ve taken the time to make sure that that your application is clear and free from errors.

Why Aren’t You Being Hired?

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Looking for a job is stressful. From completing applications to surviving interviews, the job search experience alternates between repetitive and nerve-wracking. When you hear “no” time after time, it is easy to lose self-confidence. Of course, the less confident you feel, the less likely your next interview will go well.

3 Myths About Hiring Temporary Workers

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No matter how carefully you plan your staffing strategy, an employee’s absence or unexpected changes in demand for your products and services can create short-term labor shortages. This leaves you with a dilemma. Do you risk disappointing your customers, or do you take a chance on untested temporary workers?


How Can You Find a Replacement For a Sick Employee in a Matter of Hours?

As a human resources manager, you are responsible for making sure your company is properly staffed with an experienced team that can handle all of its needs. But, what happens when one of your workers calls in sick? When a team member can’t show up to work, it disrupts the entire workplace,

How to Hire a Person in 4 Hours

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You can do a lot in four hours: prepare a big holiday dinner, read an entire novel or respond to hundreds of emails. Finding and hiring the right employee for your job opening, however? Accomplishing such an important task in such a short amount of time might sound impossible. But not only is it possible,

How to Train a New Employee in a Really Short Time

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When you hire temporary employees, you don’t want to spend a significant portion of their contract time on training. Your current onboarding process may work well for in-house employees, but you have several ways to speed things up for anyone outside of that designation.

Move on to hands-on training as quickly as possible.

You Are Doing Recruiting Wrong and How to Fix It

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How often do you hire full-time employees for work that fluctuates in volume? They get quite busy during your high-demand times, but the rest of the year they are minimally productive. Your budget takes the hit, and you lose out on money that could go to other parts of your business.

Finding Temp Workers Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

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Whether you need workers for your retail business, office or catering company, tracking down qualified and hard-working talent can be time-consuming. You probably use a recruitment agency to find and hire employees because doing it all on your own is too tedious. But what if you could find people online to fill your roles and save resources at the same time?

Meet Gediminas! He will make everybody to talk about #workbites :)

We are so happy to welcome our newest member to GoWorkaBit family!  We have already 13 people working day and night to bring innovation to HR and freedom to people. So who is Gediminas and why he decided to join us?

You have been managing your own PR company and for last 5 years you have been responsible for PR and communication in one of the largest media corporations MTG Group.