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How to Land a Job in One Day

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The job search process can seem like a grueling battle – an often frustrating cycle of filling out applications, revising your CV, writing cover or motivation letters and waiting for a response. Even if you’ve only been actively searching for a job for a few weeks, being in the job hunter mode can quickly get overwhelming.

What Employers Really Want to See in Your Job Application

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For the most part, recruiters and hiring managers internationally are looking for the same information from your job application. They want to see, especially when it comes to first-time job seekers and entry-level positions, that you’re ready and willing to work — and that you’ve taken the time to make sure that that your application is clear and free from errors.

How to Hire a Person in 4 Hours

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You can do a lot in four hours: prepare a big holiday dinner, read an entire novel or respond to hundreds of emails. Finding and hiring the right employee for your job opening, however? Accomplishing such an important task in such a short amount of time might sound impossible. But not only is it possible,