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What is a workbite and why should you break work into bites?

To answer that, we should talk about two major changes first: new generation has totally different expectations to work compared to 10 y ago and the essence of work has changed in the companies as well.

We hear people talking about generation Y and what will happen if those “aliens“ enter the labor market :)

But in reality they have been in the labor market for 15 years.

Becoming an enthusiast makes working fun and easy. Would you say that experience is more important?

There has been a debate in media about experience versus motivation, which is more important when recruiting people for entry-level positions. We strongly feel that highly motivated people with positive attitude and desire to learn, will do better. And if you read Koit´s story, you will see why :) Thank you Koit,

Working a bit – Serafim Savichev’s story

I am a student of the Mechanical school. After the courses I had more than two months of summer holidays.
That is why I decided to earn some extra money. Summer is a pleasant time, so I didn’t want to have a full time job. My friend advised me to take a chance at GoWorkaBit.

“Work” just got cool! ;)

The term “work” just got cool! Inside and out ;)

When media writes about startups it’s usually about who raised investment or won some hot prizes (we have been actually mentioned in both categories too). Not so often we can read about one startup taking the time to do something impressive for another.

To hell with the flexibility!?

We live in the changing times, where technological innovation and uncertainty towards future bring huge changes. Necessity to react fast becomes more and more important.

These changes will have a great impact also on the employment market. Long term planning we used to do in the past will come to an end – additions have to be taken fast and immediately.

Onboarding Seedcamp – Gabbi Cahane branding session

He enters the room like a rock star and he turns the audience into fans in no time. Cause he is a rock star of making stellar brands.

This is how  the Gabbi Cahane’s branding session in Seedcamp onboarding week starts. Full of fun and plenty of wisdom,

Lessons from the Seedcamp Week

There is no need to explain what Seedcamp is to Startups all over the world, because I guess that every serious startup has applied to Seedcamp at some point.

To those of you that do not own startup, Seedcamp is one of the most appreciated and desired accelerators in the Europe or even in the whole world.

GoWorkaBit – The Rules of the Game

Apply for a job only when you are 100% sure of your ability to go to work.

Because if you are chosen and you can´t show up for work,  some other candidate will lose a chance to work a bit. In addition you will make a mess for company because they need to find replacement very fast.