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What is a workbite and why should you break work into bites?

To answer that, we should talk about two major changes first: new generation has totally different expectations to work compared to 10 y ago and the essence of work has changed in the companies as well.

We hear people talking about generation Y and what will happen if those “aliens“ enter the labor market :)

But in reality they have been in the labor market for 15 years. Gen Y includes people who are 14 to 35 y old and most of them have been around the work market for a while now.

Their expectations to work are indeed really different from what was before. But is has a logical explanation. They have been raised with different kind of technology, internet and social networks. Being in contact with everyone and everything all the time and multitasking while doing that comes to them as naturally as working from 9 till 17 was in the “old times.”

89% of Generation Y prefers flexible working hours. If they could choose between a raise and flexible working conditions, 45% of them will choose the last one.

On the other side, the essence of work has also changed a lot. Companies have to cope with changes every day, which occur due the fact that a business model is not a static thing anymore. Processes have to become more effective and leaner every day.

This creates situations where the changing work-load is creating a need for short-term extra personnel. Sometimes there is more work to be done than people who are able to do that, but hiring for the long-term is not wise either, because there is no constant need for them. If we add the fact that there are some jobs, which aren’t so popular and it’s almost impossible to find people to do those jobs, then we realize that we have to find new ways to solve these challenges.

The new thing is – WORKBITE!

WorkBite is a short term job (average duration is less than 140 hours) in a nice company. Suitable for motivated and eager people and it doesn’t require specific skills or long experience.

There’s no point of looking it up in dictionaries yet, ’cause this is the term that we created in GoWorkaBit to describe the way to include more people to the labor market so that work gets done.

Even if we discard the Gen Y, we have large amount of people who just can’t participate in the labor market, ’cause it is too rigid for them. For example: students, young parents, people who work on schedules. Quite often they can’t commit to the long term contracts, even part time. Because they just don’t know how many hours per week they can work. But if it is possible to choose when and where they work, they are happy to work a bit.

From our own experience we can say today that those companies who are willing to adjust their processes, are the ones that will get the work done in time and with good quality.

Yes, it will need some effort. But not as much money or time as it seems at first.
There are 3 main things to consider:

  1. If the on-boarding process (even for entry-level positions) takes several weeks in your company, then it is very difficult to involve additional workforce quickly when a need occurs. We have a good example of two similar production companies. One manages the on-boarding process in 4 weeks and the other one can do the same with 1.5 hours. The latter can use additional staff to get the work done when they have more orders than usual.
  2. Can you rearrange work in your company, if needed? When the workload gets unexpectedly high, can you move your more experienced employees to the more demanding tasks and get new additional people to do the more simple ones?
  3. How open minded are you? Are you ready to give a chance to the people from outside your company and offer positive work experience? If the answer is yes, then additional value to the fact that work gets done is impressive. Because you will teach them new skills and provide new work-related connections to those people. And most important, you will give an awesome experience to them and they will be grateful. We know :)

So, let´s break work into bites? If you need a recipe, then you will find great suggestions from and depending on the country you live in :)