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Finding Temp Workers Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

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Whether you need workers for your retail business, office or catering company, tracking down qualified and hard-working talent can be time-consuming. You probably use a recruitment agency to find and hire employees because doing it all on your own is too tedious. But what if you could find people online to fill your roles and save resources at the same time? As it turns out, using an online service to connect with workers can be less expensive and more efficient than going through a traditional recruiter or seeking out workers through classified ads and other job postings.

When you use online tools for recruitment, you may be able to get started on-boarding new temporary staff within an hour.

A New Way to Find Temporary Staff

Temporary staffing agencies often do a great job of vetting candidates to fit your needs. From IT professionals to experts in home cleaning, an agency will sift through candidates until they find a good fit. But that process takes time — and in the meantime, you may be short staffed. That’s why the way many companies are filling temporary roles is evolving. Some businesses are even using social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with temporary workers.

Online tools allow you to find the right temporary staff within hours and start training them for their new role right away. In fact, when you use online tools for recruitment, you may be able to get started on-boarding new temporary staff within an hour. And believe it or not, hires found online are just as capable of producing great work as those who are discovered through a recruitment agency.

Benefits of GoWorkaBit

Working with a job service you trust is essential to finding the best workers for your available roles. GoWorkaBit is an online platform that lets you easily search for and find qualified staff who are committed to getting the job done. Post a job ad, and then select from the many wonderful workers available to fill the role — all with help from our customer support along the way as needed. Still wondering what the exact benefits are? GoWorkaBit can connect you with excellent temp workers in the following ways:

1. The Process Is Fast

You can choose from thousands for workers in just a few hours. Our job seekers choose exactly when, where, and what kind of job they want. This is different from most recruitment agencies, so we have a larger pool of good candidates to choose from than most agencies. Simply put, our platform is more appealing to job seekers so they sign up in higher numbers. This makes it much quicker for you to find a good candidate.

2. Our Workers Are Qualified

The candidates on GoWorkaBit are top performers. You’ll be able to see an employee’s rating from other companies on a 10-point scale and may be able to view previously completed work on their profile. These measures help you select a temporary staff member with confidence. Many of our excellent candidates are not signed up with any other agencies, so GoWorkaBit is the only place to find them!

3. GoWorkaBit Services Are Available Around the Clock

We know you don’t just need assistance during the typical 9-to-5 work week. That’s why you can use the GoWorkaBit platform to find employees even if it’s the weekend or late at night. GoWorkaBit also helps you handle all the contract details and facilitate payment, so the entire process is easy for you at any hour.

Our previous clients include big names like ZARA and Radisson Hotels & Resorts, but we don’t just work with retailers. If your business is in the field of construction, IT, entertainment and more, you can still find temporary staff on our platform.

Companies who want the best candidates are turning to online tools to find and train temporary staff. Don’t get left behind! Sign up with GoWorkaBit and see how easy it is to find motivated, qualified candidates.