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How Can You Find a Replacement For a Sick Employee in a Matter of Hours?

As a human resources manager, you are responsible for making sure your company is properly staffed with an experienced team that can handle all of its needs. But, what happens when one of your workers calls in sick? When a team member can’t show up to work, it disrupts the entire workplace, making it difficult to accomplish all of the necessary tasks on that day. Luckily, there’s an easy solution for this all-too-common occurrence in form of temporary staffing.

What Is Temporary Staffing?

Put simply, temporary staffing is the use of workers who are brought on for short periods of time to fill gaps in a company’s labor force. Though these employees work for your business, they are not permanent. Rather, their employment ends when their work is no longer needed to fill the regular labor needs of the enterprise.

Although it isn’t yet common in Poland, temporary staffing has been a major element of human resources in other countries for decades. In fact, statistics from the American staffing market indicate that some 15 million workers in the United States are employed in temporary positions every year.

Is Temporary Staffing a Good Option for Employers?

In Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe, many HR managers have reservations about using temporary employees. Some worry that they are unlikely to find productive temporary workers, while others are concerned about the time spent to onboard and train new employees. However, this hiring model offers some very real benefits to employers.

Temporary staffing not only allows a business to temporarily replace sick workers but also to bring on extra employees for specific projects. This introduces a degree of flexibility that is simply not offered by the exclusive use of permanent employees. Best of all, integrating temporary workers into your staffing model gives your business access to a huge pool of talent that can be brought in at any time.

How to Find Temporary Employees Quickly

If you’re in a crunch to find a worker for a day, there are a few ways to go about it. You can make an ad on a classified website looking for temporary workers, or you can ask your employees to reach out to people they know who may be available to fill the gap. If your business has multiple offices or locations, you might also be able to bring in someone from another location to work in your office for a day, though this may risk spreading resources too thin elsewhere.

Another option is to use a temporary staffing website like GoWorkaBit. On GoWorkaBit, workers sign up to find jobs that match their skills, location and availability. This flexibility draws a large pool of well-qualified temporary employees. When an employer needs someone for a temporary job, the HR manager creates a listing that workers can then apply to. Workers’ applications are shown along with their qualifications, experience and ratings from past employers. Armed with this information, employers can select the best employee for the job.

Because GoWorkaBit gives companies access to a pool of thousands of workers, employers can find temporary employees quickly. In fact, the average time between a listing being created and filled on GoWorkaBit is a mere four hours. At the same time, since employers can only choose from workers who apply to their listings, the process is streamlined to avoid being too time-consuming. Finally, workers on GoWorkaBit are there because they enjoy the flexibility of consistent temporary work, giving them the motivation to work hard for your business.

When your business needs someone to replace a sick employee on short notice, GoWorkaBit is a good option for finding a well-qualified temporary employee. Though there are other ways to find someone to fill in, most will either be too unreliable or take too long to be very effective.