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How to Hire a Person in 4 Hours

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You can do a lot in four hours: prepare a big holiday dinner, read an entire novel or respond to hundreds of emails. Finding and hiring the right employee for your job opening, however? Accomplishing such an important task in such a short amount of time might sound impossible. But not only is it possible, it’s actually easy.

In today’s world, many workers value flexibility and interesting work more than they value career stability.

The Benefits of Hiring Short-Term Workers

You might wonder, aren’t the best workers looking for permanent, full-time jobs? Are those people searching for temporary work doing so because they’re not able to find regular work?

That might have been true in the past – but it’s not true now. In today’s world, many workers value flexibility and interesting work more than they value career stability. This perception is especially true of young workers, those who are considered Millennials (which includes anyone born between approximately 1980 and 1996).

Moving from job to job is a trend called job-hopping, and it’s becoming increasingly popular with workers around the world, including in Eastern Europe. Even jobs lasting just one to two days appeal to young workers, since this experience lets them try out different kinds of work to determine what they enjoy.

However, young workers aren’t the only ones open to short-term work. Many educated and qualified workers are searching for jobs, and until they find long-term work, they’re eager to earn money in temporary jobs.

So what does this mean for HR managers? Many of the young, motivated and skilled workers in your area are in fact open to short-term work. And you can hire them today.

How to Find the Right Workers in 4 Hours

Ready to join the thousands of companies currently using GoWorkaBit to find the right workers to fill their short-term positions? Great! Here’s how it works.

Log on to the site, or start a new account if it’s your first time. From there you can select the kind of work you’re offering. There are tons of specific categories to choose from, including retail, construction, cleaning and IT. Provide some information about the job you’re looking to fill, where it’s located and how long it will last.

On the other side of the GWB site, workers are able to create profiles based on their location and the types of work they want to do. Workers can also provide information about their qualifications and special skills, making it easy for you to find exactly the right person for every job.

When you have a job available, you can post a workbite with all the specifics. Available candidates can then apply and tell you why they’re interested in the job. Most workbites get multiple responses, so you can choose from the pool of candidates and then communicate with the person you want to hire. Later, your employee can enter their hours into the GWB system, and you can quickly and easily pay them for their work.

If it sounds simple, that’s because it is. You can find available workers 24/7, and GWB’s support staff will help you solve any dilemmas you face.

Why Use GoWorkABit

GWB can help you fill many different needs in your company, even with short notice.

Use the service to:

  • hire a substitute when your receptionist calls in sick
  • find workers to help you move from one office to another
  • prepare shipments to go out to customers
  • staff your store during busy periods
  • provide extra support to an overwhelmed team

Need proof that GWB works? Consider this: 96 percent of our clients gave us the highest possible rating, and 95 percent of the employees hired through GWB are rated highly.

What are you waiting for? Find and hire the right short-term employee in less than four hours, with GoWorkaBit.