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How to Land a Job in One Day

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The job search process can seem like a grueling battle – an often frustrating cycle of filling out applications, revising your CV, writing cover or motivation letters and waiting for a response. Even if you’ve only been actively searching for a job for a few weeks, being in the job hunter mode can quickly get overwhelming. Especially if you don’t hear back from potential employers or receive a rejection from a position you thought was a perfect fit, looking for a job can be a frustrating experience in which it’s easy to lose motivation.

Naturally, the waiting period after submitting yourself as a candidate for a job is the most trying. Depending on the length of the hiring processes and timelines of the employer in question, it can take anywhere from a few days to a month or more to hear back from the hiring organization – if you receive a response from your potential employer at all. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow shorten that painful waiting period to a much more manageable timeframe? With the right tool, it is possible to land a job more quickly, even in just one day.

An Introduction to GoWorkaBit

GoWorkaBit is a rising short-term job marketplace dedicated to helping hiring managers fill critical openings and helping you as a job seeker find the right position for you. This job seeker’s tool offers a unique alternative to the traditional job application process. GoWorkaBit walks you through every step of applying to range of open positions in areas as diverse as hospitality, retail, warehouse and office assistance.

Working through this tool comes with many advantages to you as a job seeker. The flexible nature of most GoWorkaBit job listings means you can work when you want to – letting you find positions that fit with your personal schedule and other responsibilities whether you are looking for full-time employment or a few hours of work on the weekends. The positions posted to the site also don’t require many specialized skills, so you aren’t limited in the roles you can apply for on the site. Plus, GoWorkaBit also handles the payment process and taxes, ensuring that you get paid for the work you do, on time.

Getting Hired More Quickly

One of the most important advantages of GoWorkaBit is the way that it speeds up the hiring process. When you need a job as soon as possible, this feature makes the site a much better option than the longer, traditional hiring process. The companies that post jobs on GoWorkaBit are ready to hire immediately – on average, they receive profiles of interested candidates with four hours and rapidly make a hiring decision from there. In this fast-paced job search environment, it’s definitely possible to get hired for an entry level position in just one day’s time.

The GoWorkaBit Process

The process from signing up to getting hired on GoWorkaBit is a very simple one, designed to make it easy to apply for positions that are ready to be filled. It begins with writing a short description of yourself before selecting the jobs or “workbites” in which you are interested – all of which is conveniently completed online. From there, you’ll get a notification through email or text message when you’ve been selected for a job, and then your temporary work begins.

It can be a challenge to find work when you need it, especially when you don’t have the experience you need for the only positions that appear to be open. By applying through GoWorkaBit, you can easily find jobs that don’t require specialised skills – and start working in a new position in as little as one day.