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How GoWorkaBit works?

What responsibilities I will have after signing up with GoWorkaBit?

As GoWorkaBit user, you have no obligations. You just have an opportunity to get information about short-term job offers  and earn some extra money, gain work experience and meet new interesting people. In case you apply for some job offer, you will be expected to come to work if employer invites you. If you will not show up as agreed, it will be quite sure that you will not be approved in the future, because this information is available for all the other employers as well. As we are giving you the freedom to choose when and where you can work a bit, we also give you the responsibility to give your best and be responsible. We are counting on you :)

In 7 steps GoWorkaBit works as follows: 
1. Sign up
2. Fill the profile and adjust notification settings
3. Browse the workbites, make a choice
4. Apply and write to the motivation letter, why you would be happy to do the job
5. Go work a bit and enjoy your new experinece and give your best :)
6. Enter the hours worked to our system
7. Get paid and be happy. Do it again :)

I have applied, what will happen next?

Company will receive your application after you have applied. Usually, there are many applicants to one position and employer will make a choice based on the information in profiles and previously obtained ratings. As soon as employer makes a choice, you will be notified via e-mail whether you have been chosen for the job  this time or not.

What type of contract GoWorkaBit uses?

GoWorkaBit will be using employment contracts with each workbite you choose to do. By doing this, we will guarantee to you, that your work is legal, all the taxes will be paid from your salary and vacation compensation and pension contributions will be paid. We take care of all this so you would not have to worry about your taxes or legal and can enjoy the fun and flexible way of working :)

How much salary will I earn?

  • You can see hourly gross salary in the job offer. This is a gross salary, so be aware of your local taxes.
  • You will receive payment during 14 days after employer has confirmed your work hours.
  • Make sure that you have correct bank account number in your profile legal part.

Who will see my profile?

Your profile will be seen only by the companies whose job offers you have applied to. No one else.

Employer will see the description that you have entered, your age, profile picture and also rating, that you have earned from previous jobs. This is the information that helps to make a choice, so be sure that your profile has enough information in it and you keep your ratings high :)

How the rating is formed?

We always ask employers to rate the employees after the job is done.

They will consider how precise and responsible you were (did you come in time and took the job seriously and gave your best). So please don´t be late, ask help if something is unclear and give your best every time you go to work. And enjoy :)

If you have any additional questions, don´t hesitate to aks us in the Live-Chat (you will see the icon in the right down corner of the website). 


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