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Meet Gediminas! He will make everybody to talk about #workbites :)

We are so happy to welcome our newest member to GoWorkaBit family!  We have already 13 people working day and night to bring innovation to HR and freedom to people. So who is Gediminas and why he decided to join us?

You have been managing your own PR company and for last 5 years you have been responsible for PR and communication in one of the largest media corporations MTG Group.
What made you exchange all this for working in a startup?

I always want to grow and learn new things. I have never been in a startup. But this can’t be the sole reason, right? 
The mindset in startup is all about flexibility, innovation and removal of unnecessary obstacles. It is all about thinking differently. GoWorkaBit puts that to the top and got me hooked.

So it is not about startups, it is more about GoWorkaBit.

What is it in GoWorkaBit that makes you so excited?

Everything excites me at GoWorkaBit, but 3 most important things are: people, desire to change the world and brevity to experiment. I felt that my colleagues at GoWorkaBit are very dedicated and fun people from the first moment I started to interact with them. You are just happy to be part of such team. What also fascinated me most from the first meetings, it is flame in GWB cofounders eyes and passion that moves you. I know that these guys want to change the world. Moreover I know that they can. I want to be nearby when this happens. And lastly, you can’t change the world without experimenting, and here I was told that my hands are free to experiment, to fail and try over again. That is awesome!

How do you feel about future of work topics? How in your opinion world of work will look like in 3-5 years?

I think people will work on a project basis more often. Let’s say team will be assembled for a particular task, be it one week or few years. When the job is done, team members shake hands and move on to other projects. That will require more interdisciplinary skills from people. Also such format and development of technology will mean that team members can work remotely. So we will see rise in work outside the office walls.

What are the things you see that companies could do better when recruiting people and getting work done when keeping in mind that change?

A lot of processes, not only in recruiting, got outdated. But people or companies keep doing it, because it was always did this way. Technology opens up new horizons to us, and we need to get rid of old recruiting habits, like we got rid of fax machine
Let’s say we love and trust online recommendations for bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. You don’t need to check everything yourself. So why not to use the same approach while recruiting people? This is huge time saver.

So it is all about finding new ways of doing old things. Recruiting is still very conservative and because of that it misses a lot.

How marketing and communication will evolve during next years? What are the “must” channels and ways to do it right?

There will be huge personalization. This means that you will be able to talk with a customer almost one on one and telling him things that are important to him or her. With Facebook and Google it is already here, but TV and radio will also get there. And there will be many storylines of the same thing, depending on customer. But at the end of the day, the most important thing will remain: nevermind channels, nevermind technology – the ultimate goal will be to understand your customer and figure it out what he cares about.

Gediminas will be in charge of Marketing and Communications in Lithuania and helps to put GoWorkaBit to the map, so we could change the world faster! ;)
If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact him: