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You Are Doing Recruiting Wrong and How to Fix It

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How often do you hire full-time employees for work that fluctuates in volume? They get quite busy during your high-demand times, but the rest of the year they are minimally productive. Your budget takes the hit, and you lose out on money that could go to other parts of your business. The base problem lies with your recruitment strategy. You need to think about hiring options that go beyond part- or full-time employees. Temporary employees are the key to fixing your staffing dilemmas.

The Benefits of Short-term Workers

Sourcing long-term employees makes little sense in some situations. You may have increased needs for staff only in some periods, due to a marketing campaign that exceeds expectations, a particular season or a large-scale initiative, for example.

Short-term workers provide the support you need to meet your goals as your business grows. They can fill in talent gaps, complement your teams and cover for employee absences at critical points in a project. You pay for the service you need, and the contract is complete once you no longer need the additional workforce. The cost-effectiveness of having on-demand workers allows you to dedicate more of your hiring budget towards growing your company.

Incorporate New Channels Into Your Recruiting Strategy

You also need to change your recruitment channels. Your typical methods make it difficult to find short-term workers in the time frame you need, especially high-quality staff. Hiring managers could end up spending weeks trying to find suitable candidates and come up empty handed. When they do come up with a few selections, they may discover that the workers don’t actually have the skills they claimed. Long-term channels such as career fairs, interview processes with multiple rounds, employee referrals and employer branding aren’t positioned to discover the characteristics that you want from short-term employees.

Hiring managers could end up spending weeks trying to find suitable candidates and come up empty handed.

The global economy has a significant amount of work completed by project-based workers. Approximately 30 percent of the workforce in the United States and Europe engage in this type of work. Short-term channels, such as online recruiting platforms, give your HR department the information they need to find the right people. Employee ratings from their previous projects can cut a weeks-long search into a few hours.

Work With a Trusted Recruitment Partner

One of the biggest objections you may have to working with temporary employees is the length of time required to onboard them. Full-time employees have to go through a lengthy training period because you’re not only teaching them about their job duties; you’re also covering company culture and other topics important for a long-term relationship.

Short-term staff members don’t need to learn anything but the specifics of their tasks. Everything else can be cut out of the onboarding process. For many jobs, a temporary worker can get started within an hour, but only if you choose a quality recruitment partner.

GoWorkaBit is a recruiting platform that streamlines your search for motivated workers. You can sort through thousands of workers, with ratings available from previous employees. Since this is an online channel, you can start your search 24/7. The job seekers put in the type of work they’re interested in, when they’re available and other information about their skills.

Your hiring managers can use this data to decide on the best candidates for a particular need. The workers have basic skills training already, so you can take a shortcut through the onboarding process and maximize your investment.

Short-term workers solve many hiring dilemmas when you work with a trusted online channel. Learn more about GoWorkaBit and how it can help your business.