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How to Train a New Employee in a Really Short Time

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When you hire temporary employees, you don’t want to spend a significant portion of their contract time on training. Your current onboarding process may work well for in-house employees, but you have several ways to speed things up for anyone outside of that designation.

Move on to hands-on training as quickly as possible.

Standardize Your Onboarding Process

You waste a lot of time if every person uses a different onboarding method. By creating a single, standardized procedure, you ensure that temporary staff receives identical training, and you can optimize this process over time.

Establish Employee Expectations

Temporary employees are motivated to do the work, but they need to know your expectations of their performance. Make sure that these hires have a clear understanding of what they’re supposed to be doing, the characteristics of a properly completed task, and the pace that they should be working at.

Designate an Employee Mentor

An employee trainer often has to work with multiple groups at the same time, so the trainer may be unavailable for questions once the temporary workers start performing their duties. An employee mentor on the same team is readily available to answer common questions and guide temporary workers to successful outcomes. This person should be at a similar level to the temporary employees so they don’t feel too intimidated to ask questions. Ideally, your chosen mentor has an identical role and job duties to your new hires.

Offer Training Materials in a Variety of Formats

Effective training is not a one-size-fits-all process, as new temporary employees have their own preferences for the ways they like to learn. Use multiple formats, such as instruction-led classes, one-on-one sessions, written instructions and videos to allow staff, to choose options that get them up to speed the fastest.

Another way to optimize temporary staffing training is to distill the information to the critical components employees need before they start their job duties. Anything that doesn’t directly relate to the tasks during their short term with your company can be discarded.

Provide Hands-on Training Time

Move on to hands-on training as quickly as possible. You want to maximize the time that your temporary staff spends on the job. When they connect the concepts they learn with their work duties, they make faster progress. The employee mentor can correct any mistakes that happen as the new employees get up to speed so everything they produce meets your quality standards.

Work With a Quality Staffing Platform

The recruitment platform or agency that you use to find temporary workers can be a major factor in how quickly they become productive. A quality service has a roster of temporary employees who are eager to work on your projects and have basic skills training already. The only thing you need to do with this type of temporary staff is to provide them information on the procedures specific to your job duties, rather than covering every single thing they need to know to be successful.

GoWorkaBit is an online recruitment platform that connects you to temporary staff quickly and efficiently. You can find employees in four hours on average, with ratings available from previous employers. These job seekers choose the type of work they’re interested in, so you avoid staffing mismatches that could hinder your short-term worker strategy.

Complement your in-house staff with temporary employees who are ready to help you with large projects, seasonal demand and other fluctuations in your workload. Explore what GoWorkaBit can do for your business.