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GoWorkaBit – The Rules of the Game

Apply for a job only when you are 100% sure of your ability to go to work.

Because if you are chosen and you can´t show up for work,  some other candidate will lose a chance to work a bit. In addition you will make a mess for company because they need to find replacement very fast.

Read the job description carefully.

Be sure that you meet all the requirements that employer has asked. E.g. that you have health certificate or valid driver’s license or some specific skill if it is needed.

After you have applied, employer will let you know if you are chosen or not.

Employer makes its choice based on information in profiles and previously obtained rating. Motivation letter is also important. As soon as employer has decided, you will get notification to your e-mail whether you have been chosen or not.

Let employer know if you cannot come to work!

If for some reason you are not able to come to work, then let employer know by cancelling your application („Cancel“ button near that specific job-offer). If you have not been accepted and asked to come to work, then the cancellation will not do any harm. Employer can then choose someone else, but please try to avoid cancelling.

You have been approved and asked to come to work, but cannot come?

First of all, let employer know as soon as possible! Please consider that if you have been asked to come to work and you will cancel, it will leave a mark to your profile and you cannot apply for any other job within 24 hours. The more applications you cancel, the longer you will be banned from opportunity to apply. And in the future employer will see how many applications you have cancelled, so it will be harder to get new opportunity. So keep your chances high by considering it carefully.

If you will not come to work and you haven´t even informed the employer?

This is the worst case that could happen. First of all, someone lost the chance to do some work and earn extra money. For employer, the work will be left undone and that causes problems and headache for everyone.

This kind of behavior will leave your profile marked with bad rating. It is quite sure that after this kind of behavior no employer will ever choose you to work.

8 Responses
  • Johanna Müürisepp
    juuni 4, 2014

    Loodan leida siit palju huvitavaid kogemusi ja uusi tutvusi. Mulle just sobib enda aja iseplaneerimine. Käia natuke tööl ja siis puhata.

    • Kei Karlson
      juuli 2, 2014

      Väga tore Johanna :) Mõnest huvitavast kogemusest võid ka meile kirjutada. Avaldame kasutajate lugusid hea meelega.

  • Helen
    jaanuar 19, 2018

    Tere kui olen lapsehoolduspuhkusel või saan vanemahüvitist kuidas siis maksud ja seadus lubavad ?Töövõtulepinguga ilmselt ja kõik maksud maha? Saan ma õigesti aru? Aga kuidas on oma töökohaga siia kas tekib probleeme?

    • Kei Karlson
      jaanuar 19, 2018

      Hei Helen!
      Tööampsude tegemine toimub võlaõigusseaduse alusel. Maksude maha arvestamine sõltub Sinu sissetulekust ja selle kohta saab kõige täpsemat infot Maksuametist ja nende kodulehelt.
      Vahvaid tööampse! :)

  • Kärt
    märts 9, 2018

    Kas teie portaal näiteks metsandusalaseid töid ei paku? Puude istutamist, jne.

    • Kei Karlson
      märts 9, 2018

      Hei Kärt!
      Meil on olnud küll vahvaid puude istutamise tööampse, aga eks puude istutamiseks on oma aeg ja kui see aeg käes, siis tasub meie lehele tulla vaatama. Seniks soovitame tubasemaid tööampse :)

  • ramhari bhandari
    aprill 17, 2020

    this is my first experience to work let me see
    hope everything will be good

  • Melody
    november 8, 2020

    This is my first work experience in EEST.
    My friend suggested me to join here, but we are not sure that is it possible I work here before getting TRP?
    I wish everything is going well, also I have this opportunity to join and work here ❤️

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