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Want to have an adventure? Go work a bit! :)

GoWorkaBit is not just a website where you can find suitable work. It is a website that can change your life! Yes, a little cheesy, but true.

How people see their work has always fascinated me. I was recruiting for different companies in Manpower for 7 years and talked with hundreds of people about their work. About 3 years ago we started GoWorkaBit in Estonia and since then 150K hours of work has been done as #workbites and thousands of people have tried themselves in different roles and earned almost 700K euros extra money.

Work has such different meanings for different people. Some take it as an annoying obligation, some can´t wait to do some work, because work is so connected to their life and happiness. I truly believe that, actually, it is possible to enjoy any work, it’s just about making the most of it.

But how do you find work that makes you happy, gives you satisfaction, and makes you a better person? I think the answer is: try it out.

You can do the tests and answer online questionnaires about your preference, but they are never 100% accurate. If you actually try it out and feel it, then you will know is it suitable for you or not. What people usually do is they apply, work and quit. Or, even worse, they don’t quit and stay in a job that’s actually boring and unfulfilling for them. I think we’ve all seen what that looks like.

GoWorkaBit makes it possible to try out different roles, get work experience and make connections that can be beneficial in the future.

UK adventureImagine that you can find work that fits your lifestyle. You can work when and where it is suitable for you. Work is not forever, it´s just for a certain period to get to know it. And if it is a perfect match, then by all means, stay in the relationship :) Our users have described working this way as an adventure. Where you can be someone you usually are not and surprise yourself.

On the other side, using GoWorkaBit, companies can find extra-staff very quickly if the workload is unexpectedly high or someone is missing. It’s a win-win situation for both sides.

We have decided to enter the Lithuanian market now. We already have our first member on board. Agne will be the one helping you with choosing the right workbites and making our users and clients happy in Lithuania. You can meet her when you go to our website and start chating with her in the Live-Chat :)

I have to say, it is damn exciting to be in Lithuania and we are so happy to work in GoWorkaBit every day and change the work-market for good.
Because there are people out there who want to work a bit!

Kei Karlson
Co-Founder of GoWorkaBit

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