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Working a bit – Serafim Savichev’s story

I am a student of the Mechanical school. After the courses I had more than two months of summer holidays.
That is why I decided to earn some extra money. Summer is a pleasant time, so I didn’t want to have a full time job. My friend advised me to take a chance at GoWorkaBit.

When I heard about the conditions of working it seemed really suitable for me.
I found it great that I could work any time I like. For example, I could work during weekdays or at weekends, I could start my job in the morning or in the evening and I could even choose the place.

My mother tongue is Russian. So another good thing was – I had an opportunity to practice languages.  I mean Estonian and English. Every day I met a lot of customers from different countries, they mostly spoke English, and because we live in Estonia there are a lot of Estonian speaking people too. Besides almost all the employees speak Estonian.

People at GoWorkaBit are friendly, polite and experienced.

The job is well paid, I have now enough pocket money for my needs, so I don’t have to ask my parents :)
Another wonderful thing- these jobs are not difficult either, everybody can do them easily.
The most important and comfortable thing  for me is that I can choose the time myself.
My only complaint so far would be that  there are a lot of applicants for the jobs and sometimes you are not accepted for the date  you want.
I can advice the work at GoWorkaBit for every young girl or boy who are interested in flexible schedules, not too hard work and language experience.

– Serafim Savichev